You must get in contact BICISANVI on any of their tracks available (in person at the office of Gbici advances, through phone or email) and our technicians will processed its incidence of quickly and easily.

Para más información de cómo contactar con BICISANVI, visite la sección “Contacto”

The most common mistake of this type of incident refers to a blocking of the card by the mistake of entering the PIN number for 3 times in a row.
Another problem may be that your subscription has expired, so you must renew it.

These problems blocked by security card, so that should be put in contact with our Service Department, using a visit to the BICISANVI Office, over the telephone or by email.

For more information about how to contact BICISANVI, please visit the ‘Contact’ section

In this way, we will process the incidence and you can use the bike correctly.

If this case occurs, the usual procedure is the look for another next bench with space to leave the bike.

Remember that you must NEVER leave the bicycle WITHOUT ANCHOR in your lock. You should not it supported or beside the bed, since it is THE USER’S RESPONSIBILITY if it is not securely anchored.

These cases are very rare and usually not to because our technicians several times a day rotate bicycles so that this situation is not reached

First of all, make sure that breakdown allows you to circulate safely. Otherwise, get off the bike with caution.

Once their security is guaranteed, proceed to the return of the bicycle at one of the stations of the system.

Then pass the card in the PIM and after validating the card with your password choose report incidence.

Also please contact our maintenance personnel by calling the phone number that appears in the PIM and your user card or at the office of BICISANVI.

For more information about how to contact BICISANVI, please visit the ‘Contact’ section

This incidence will be registered by our maintenance personnel that will fix the bike as soon as possible.

If in the course of daily use a base remains empty, how to report this fact is by entering on the base of incidence with subject station origin empty.

To do this, simply pass our membership card and after entering the number PIN will find an option to report incidence.

This incidence occurs very infrequently since our technicians rotate bikes several times a day when a beam is full or empty.

The first thing in these cases is to make sure that the bike is returned correctly, doing a gentle motion back forward which confirm us that the bicycle is properly secured.

Once done, if we do not receive a confirmation beep is usually due to a drop in the line at the station, in a way that is not reported to central return.

However, these line cuts tend to be arranged as soon as possible by our technicians.

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