BICISANVI is a municipal service of free bike loan promoted by the municipality of San Vicente del Raspeig, which aims to promote the use of the bicycle in San Vicente using innovative and automated technology in order to achieve energy savings and the reduction of the environmental impact of motorized transport.

Bicisanvi is free of charge, so users not paid any amount in respect of consideration for the loan or use of the bicycle. The user exclusively pay rate stipulated in the corresponding Ordinance Prosecutor concept management of high service.

Save time

Bike is faster than car in short distances and stockings. You can also access any site and have facilities for parking.

Save money

Costs resulting in the use of bicycles per traveled kilometer are lower than of any other average, except for the displacement on foot, because you do not pay gasoline, or parking, repairs can do them yourself and they are inexpensive.

Be organic

Using the bike we reduce atmospheric and acoustic pollution. The bicycle is the most efficient transport energy and generates almost no waste.

Improving urban mobility and security

The occupation of space in circulation is up to 10 times less than a car. The risk of the car with respect to the bike accident is 100-2.

Improving your health and well-being

Cycling is a great cardiovascular workout, strengthening the heart, reduces ``bad`` cholesterol and strengthens muscles.

Improving the urban space

In the space occupied by a parked car can be to park up to 20 bikes. Moreover, it is more expensive to build a parking place of automobile manufacturing and installing a parking area for bicycles.
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